Comfort zones, challenges, and culture with Metadata’s Gil Allouche

On this episode of the At The Corner Podcast, Matt is joined Gil Allouche, CEO and founder of Metadata. Gill begins by talking about how Metadata started as an experiment and when he spoke about it during his first market test, he found there was lots of interest in his product. He also talks about how he made the transition from being an engineer and working in product, to becoming a marketer

Matt asks him about his choice to raise money, rather than to bootstrap as Gil explains he didn’t have a choice in the matter, but he would 100% recommend raising money. He also warns against spending too much time consulting.

Gil tells us he always feels like he’s going out of his comfort zone with his business growing, but with the help of his amazing team and utilizing coaches, the business is growing healthily

With Metadata becoming fully remote, Matt asks about what some of this biggest challenges are as Gil explains that building trust, social interactions, and being able to judge the mood and the health of the staff is much harder. He also explains how he uses a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data to measure the health of the organization.

Coming towards the end of the podcast, Gil talks about how he has learnt the power of culture within a company, something which he would not have cared about some years ago, as well as talking about his plans for 2022, and when he believes the company will stop being a start-up.

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