The changing role of recruiting and working with employees with Elliott Garms

On this episode of the At The Corner Podcast, host Matthew Schmidt is joined by Elliott Garms. Garms is the CEO and co-founder of, a start-up using data to help make recruiting engineers and designers easier. Garms shares how he and his business partner both have deep backgrounds in tech recruiting and they noticed how, in their opinions, LinkedIn started to decline in value. They wanted an internal tool for their boutique tech recruiting and consulting business so they created humanpredictions. Garms and his business partner created a database that focuses on dozens of communities online where tech folks and designers are sharing information and scanning through niche communities. They use these communities to build profiles using this public data.

Garms speaks about the natural ebbs and flows of businesses and how he ensures things stay on track when everything begins to speed up and take off. Garms also talks about the challenges the business went through whilst working remote. Schmidt and Garms also discuss the importance of culture within every business and Garms shares how they manage culture within the organisation as they’re hiring people from all around the world. Garms shares how they have a HP Academy which allows different teams to lead sessions on what they’re doing.

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