The keys to successfully scaling with Scott Ogle, CEO of TruLab

On this episode of the At The Corner podcast, Matthew is joined by Scott Ogle, CEO of TruLab and the former CEO of Sagework. TruLab is a start-up which uses the blockchain to track lab samples in the clinical trial space, which helps companies streamline their clinical trial process, which is often archaic. This method gives pharma an opportunity to displace paper.

Matthew asks about how Scott knew it was time to leave Sageworks and he says he feels like he’s at his best in small companies and that he had his most fun in when Sageworks was small.

After Sageworks, Scott took just 3 months before he was back venture investing and only three months after that he started TruLab.

Scott explains that is vital to focus when you’re scaling. He recommends focusing on 3 main things because you can’t focus on everything. Not everyone will be the same but he focussed on revenue growth, recruiting and culture and customer service.

Scott also gives some wonderful advice, saying you should start you day with the easy tasks so you can get used to doing things quickly and it gets you into the habit of getting things done.

Scott also says he knew when Sagework turned into a scale-up as good things started happening which he had nothing to do with, whereas before everything went through him. As the company got bigger, communication became an issue as he was used to people being involved in everything and knowing everything. Another issue he highlights with the company growing is measuring the health of the organisation. He combatted this by having a 1 on 1 meeting with key employees from each department once a month.

Finally, when asked what his number one fear is for 2022, it’s that there will be a Macro issue in the world which will impact business, creating lots of subsequent problems for him and forcing him to pivot.

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